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3v3 Basketball Leagues

Sports Beyond 3 on 3 leagues are for the players. Kids need to enjoy the sport to want to improve. The key focus is FUN! This is an opportunity to develop basketball skills in a fun, non-coached, low-stress environment.

More playing time and more learning opportunities with low-time commitment

You have less games to commit to but your players will get more time on the court with this style of play! Players will get more opportunities to practice all their skills in a competitive but fun environment to play games.

We encourage healthy competition in which kids play hard and play to win but not at the expense of belittling opponents, yelling at officials or displaying poor sportsmanship. We ask that players and parents conduct themselves appropriately and exhibit good sportsmanship.

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Summer League

Who: Boys & Girls in 3rd-12th grade.

Dates: July 9-August 8 (5 weeks)

Days: Tuesday or Thursday

Times: Games will be scheduled between 5:00-8:30pm

Location: Crosspoint

Registration Fee: $250 per team (max. 5 players per team)


  • Players will play 3 games in one day. Over the season teams will play 15  games.

  • Games are 12 minutes of continuous, fast-paced action!

  • Low time commitment and affordable! Season length is only 5 weeks and games are all played within an hour.

  • Play with friends!

  • Excellent for player skill development.

The games are for the kids...

  • Goal #1: For Kids to Play. We will allow guest players to play if needed. We will also do our best to match teams to have a competitive game.
  • No coaches! Players get to play and experiment using their skills. Court monitors will help with rules, learning and substitutions but we want kids to learn to make their own decisions, self-correct and learn teamwork amongst themselves.
  • No yelling! No coaching includes no parents yelling at their team or athlete on what to do or where to go. Yelling at the refs will not be tolerated. Cheering is encouraged, though!

why play 3v3 basketball?

  • Players get more touches on the ball
  • Players have more space to try new moves and practice skills
  • Players develop defense and agility because you have to cover more distance
  • All players have equal opportunity to make plays and contribute to the team.
  • Players will IMPROVE their passing, dribbling, shooting, cutting, spacing, rebounding, and defense.