3v3 Basketball Leagues

3v3 Summer League Info



July 9, 16, 23, 30

(4 Weeks)



Boys & Girls 4-5 grade

Boys & Girls Middle School

Boys & Girls High School


Games between 4:00pm-8:45pm

Teams will play 3 games within 90 minutes timeframe.




$60 per player

league info

Games: Teams will get a total of 3 half-court games every week. Each game is 12 minutes of continuous, fast-paced action! There are no "check balls" except on dead ball plays (fouls or out-of-bounds). Your games will be scheduled as close to back-to-back as possible. Most teams will complete all their games within an hour.

Coaching: No coaching allowed. We will provide court monitors to help ref and teach throughout the game. Players get to play and experiment using their skills. We want kids to learn to make their own decisions, self-correct and learn teamwork amongst themselves. No coaching includes no parents yelling at their team or athlete on what to do or where to go. Yelling at the refs will not be tolerated. Cheering is encouraged!

Goal #1: For Kids to PLAY! We will allow guest players to play if needed. We will also do our best to match teams to have a competitive game.

Sportsmanship: We encourage healthy competition in which kids play hard and play to win but not at the expense of belittling opponents, yelling at officials or displaying poor sportsmanship. Yelling at the refs will not be tolerated. We ask that players and parents conduct themselves appropriately and exhibit good sportsmanship.

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