Perfect Seam Drill - check your shotline

Coach Gleich is a student of the game of basketball. With over 30 years of coaching experience, Coach Gleich has developed a proven way to improve one's shooting percentage.


1.   Mark your basketball with a piece of colored tape.

2.      What to Look For

            A. Wrist Cocked before the Ball is Received.  “Block & Capture” technique.

B.      2 Shooting Fingers directly behind the ball and above the Bicep Muscle.

C.      Footwork Consistent – Shooting Foot in Front of Off Foot.

D.      Ball kept in Front of Body – not behind the Head.

E.       When Ball Released, are Elbows Above the Eyes

  3.      Faults:

                        A.  Off Hand Interference  (Want One Hand Release)  *Use Shooting Strap

B.      Vertical Alignment  (Eye, Hand, Elbow, Knee, Foot on “Shot Line”)

C.      Arc (Elbows need to be Above Eyes) – (Both hands above head)


4.      To Check Perfect Release

     Seam Drill:  Use Ball with White Vertical Line

     Shows Proper Release/Force on Ball  (What Fingers leave the ball last)


            A.  Index Finger

                        B. Middle Finger

                        C. Straddle (Index & Middle Fingers)


5.      3 Most Common Reasons for Left/Right Misses:

A.      Off Hand Interference

B.       Vertical Alignment

C.       Balance  (Right/Left or Front/Back)  *Head weighs 13 lbs.


6.      4 Most Common Reasons for Long/Short Misses:

A.      Arc  (82% of misses due to Arc)  Elbow must be above Eyes.

B.       Body Balance  (Flex at Knees & Hip)

C.       Ball not starting low enough (Shooting Pocket – especially young players).

D.      Slow Release (Shoot on Way Up – Timing of Legs and Arms).

Game Speed -  Count “One Thousand One – One Thousand Two. Ball must be released before you say “..Two


7.      Fitness for Shooters:

A.      Ball Slaps  (25)  Wakes up Fingers

B.       Push Ups – Hands Under Shoulders / Elbows against body  (25)

C.       Push Ups -  Finger Tips  (build up to 25)

D.      Ball Handling Drills  (select 5 to 10 drills)


8.      Finding Your Personal Shot Line for Free Throw Shooting:

Steps to Proper Alignment:

A.      Determine the “Shooter’s Shotline”

B.       Find “Dead Center Line” to the basket – Use Nail Hole

C.       Connect Shooter’s Shotline to the Dead Center Line. 

     Align your shooting palm, ball & dominate eye with the

     “Dead Center Line”.  Shooting Foot will usually be a few inches

     to the right of the “Dead Center Line” for right handers.      


a.       The better your alignment, the less skill is needed to make the free throw.

b.      If the free throw is not properly aligned, that is:  Personal Shotline adjusted to

       Dead Center line – then you must:

1.      Keep it straight instinctively.

2.      Have the proper arc.

3.      Have the right distance.

c.  If you can get properly aligned, then you can miss a little with your arc

     and distance and your free throw has a higher percentage of going in.